Driver's Education


Drivers Education Summer Program 

With the support of the community and the Dori Slosberg Education Act, Bay District Schools is able to offer its summer Driver’s Education program.  Bay District Schools will be offering the course this year to accommodate students at two locations.  Driver’s Education is essential for gaining fundamental knowledge of traffic safety, but also to ensure awareness and application of that knowledge as a responsible driver in our community.


Who is Eligible to Attend?

Any student who is currently enrolled and will be enrolled for the upcoming school year in a Bay District Public School (including public charter schools), will be at least 15, and have a valid Florida learner’s permit before the first day of class is eligible to register for the lottery and attend. 

Requirements for the DMV Learners Permit 

DMV Approved Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) Course Providers,

Requirement for Permit 

Florida DMV Permit - Free Practice Test 


What Are the Program Hours and Where is it Available?

Bay District Schools’ Driver’s Education course will be offered at Arnold High School and Rutherford High School this summer during two sessions. Each location and session will have a morning and afternoon option for students.

Session 1: June 10th through June 27rd, No sessions on Friday

      Option  1: Morning, 7:30am to 11:30am

      Option 2: Afternoon, Noon to 4:00pm

Session 2: July 8th through July 25th, No sessions on Friday

      Option 1:  Morning, 7:30am to 11:30am

       Option 2: Afternoon, Noon to 4:00pm


Students who register will be selected by a random lottery.

Entering your student's application information into the lottery does not guarantee placement into this course. Once selected, we also cannot guarantee your first preference in regards to session dates and times for student placement. Parents must provide consent along with transportation to and from sessions at Arnold or Rutherford.  Attendance is required for completion of coursework and students who do not attend the first day of classes will be dropped.  Absenteeism and tardies will lead to being dropped from the course.  Students must adhere to the BDS student code of conduct and dress code policy. During the 2024 summer, students who need to participate in summer credit recovery programs will only be eligible for Session 2 after appropriate coursework has been completed.


How Do I Register?

On April 1st, you will see a link in the Parent Links section of your Parent Portal home page to register your child for this course.  This link will be active and available through April 12th.  Please fill out the form completely.  Only completed applications will be submitted into the lottery process.  Parents of the students randomly selected will be notified by email no later than April 29th. Those not selected will be notified as well, and placed on a waitlist. All questions on the registration form must be completed. 

If sessions have to be canceled, we will notify by email.  

Please use this link for additional instructions regarding logging in or creating a parent portal account.  



If the enrolled Driver’s Education student successfully completes course requirements, per DELAP (Driver Education Licensing Assistance Program) administrator’s authorization, the student applicant will be eligible to participate in a state certified road test administered during the Driver’s Education course.  Students who pass the certified road test during the course will have their passing score entered into the DMV system.  To apply for their operator license without taking the DMV driving test, students will let their local DMV office know they took the test through a third party and will be issued, after meeting all DMV requirements, a Class E operator’s license.  The Division of Driver’s Licenses reserves the right to spot check applicants.


Additional Eligibility Requirements

If selected to participate in the class, the parent or guardian and student agree to the following eligibility requirements: 

1. Student must be 15 years of age before the first day of class.

2. Student must be enrolled in a Bay District Schools public school or public charter school and will be attending in the upcoming school year.** 

3. Student must have a valid Florida learners permit before the first day of class. The learner's permit must be in the student's possession every day of class. 

4. Student must have parental consent to participate in this course. 

5. Parent must provide transportation to and from Arnold High School or Rutherford High School. 

6. Student must attend every day. Attendance is required for completion of course work. Due to the condensed nature of the summer Driver's Education program, students will only be allowed to miss ONE day during the twelve day course. Students must complete minimum driving hour requirements by the DMV of Florida along with appropriate classroom and range time. Any student missing more than one day will be automatically dropped from the program.

7. Student must attend the first day of class, if not, the student will be dropped from the class. 

8. Student failing to complete and pass all required course and range requirements shall not pass the course. 

9. Students are expected to adhere to the Bay District Schools student code of conduct. 

10. Students must follow the Bay District Schools dress code policy. 

11. No electronic devices allowed during range or class time. 

12. Students WILL NOT receive high school course credit for completion of this course. 

 Violation of these eligibility requirements can lead to dismissal from the Driver's Education program. Students selected during the lottery will receive more information from instructors on the first day of class. 

**Home School & Private School students are not eligible. 


Drivers Education Flier 


For additional information or questions, please contact: Alana Simmons or 850-767-4323 

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