Funding Grants


The tools on this website are designed to assist schools and community partners in locating grants, developing proposals, and managing grants awarded. Grants are an avenue for schools and teachers to fund projects approved by the Division of Teaching and Learning at Bay District Schools pursuant to BDS Board Policy.


Bay District Board Policy:

II. Authority

A. The superintendent is authorized to expend monies for purchases of commodities and contractual services where the total amount does not exceed the maximum amount allowed by law that may be purchased without the bid process and which otherwise would be exempt from bidding by state law. The purchases are not to exceed the applicable appropriation in the district’s budget and shall be made in accordance with Board policy. 

B. Assistants functioning under the superintendent’s direction may be authorized to perform these purchasing tasks. Assistants under this policy include the CFO, General Manager of Purchasing, Contracting & Materials Management (GM of Purchasing”), and the Purchasing Agent. No person, unless authorized to do so under the policy of the district school board, may make any purchase or enter into any contract involving the use of district and/or school funds, including internal accounts. No expenditures for any such unauthorized purchase or contract shall be approved by the school board. The payment for any unauthorized purchase or contract shall be the sole responsibility of the person placing the order or entering into such contract.


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