Hurricane Michael Recovery

Hurricane Michael Recovery Information 



Number of students who no longer attend Bay District Schools following Hurricane Michael

$12.4 MILLION 

Lost revenue from 2018-2019 as a result of decreased enrollment


 Anticipated lost revenue for 2019-2020 as a result of decreased enrollment


What the district has done so far:

Close schools

Institute a district-wide spending freeze 

Consolidate schools

Decrease employees by 228 due to attrition following the storm


Use this link to view the April 11th Press Conference 


We've asked for $12.4 million for this school year which is pending in Senate Bill 520. 
If the $12.4 million is given to help cover losses for the 2018-2019 school year but the additional $24.8 million for 2019-2020 is not:
The Board will have to implement a reduction in force that will eliminate the jobs of 514 employees.  


We have done everything possible to streamline and save expenses while maintaining a stable workforce with the anticipation that the government would help us as needed. Without additional state funding as soon as possible, we are left making difficult decisions which will have long-term impacts on the recovery of Bay County. We are currently the largest employer in this community and, therefore, offer financial stability to thousands of families. We know that a strong educational system is the hallmark of a flourishing community and we want to ensure that we have the financial stability to continue. 


Tallahassee: Don't fail us now!

Please contact the decision makers and ask for their support for Senate Bill 520 (the $12.4 million for 2018-2019) and for a bipartisan effort to provide stable funding based upon pre-storm enrollment, for Bay District Schools for the 2019-2020 school year. Our recovery, and ability to take care of our students and employees the way we need to do so, depends upon YOUR involvement. Please call or email the decision makers today


Official Hurricane Michael Press Conference Release: By the Numbers: April 11, 2019 


As part of the post-Hurricane Michael recovery plan, Bay District School Board members are considering a number of school consolidations and the temporary closure of a number of schools.  The data presented at the first workshop, held January 24th, can be found by following the links below.  The 2.5 hour workshop can also be viewed in its entirety by following the link below.  As more information related to these recommendations is presented to the board it will be uploaded here.  No votes have been taken at this time as voting is not permitted at workshops.


Hurricane Michael Post Recovery Plans for Schools

Academic Updates for Elementary and Secondary Instruction Post Hurricane Michael

Facilities Updates Post Hurricane Michael

Estimated Financial Impacts from Hurricane Michael 

Video of January 24th School Board Meeting

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