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Our Vision 

Elevate Bay exists to support and encourage the most at-risk students of Bay District Schools. As we work to reconnect with our students following several “unique” years, we have identified various obstacles that have hindered success for many of our students. These include continued homelessness, familial instability and chronic absenteeism. TOGETHER we believe we can work to close the gaps and see our children reach “new heights” in their schools and communities.


Our Why

• 1,498 homeless students as of May 2022
• Bay County is ranked 6th in crime per capita (2020)
• 1,500+ weekend food bags are provided each week to students of all ages
• Bay County is ranked 4th in Florida for opioid prescriptions per capita (2020)


What Can You Do?

Classroom Mentor

Working in a specific classroom in small groups for academic /behavioral support for the students.


One-on-One Mentor

Working primarily with one student focusing on specific needs.


Lunch Buddy

Join either a group/class during lunch time to be that extra support need outside of the classroom.


YOUR Next Step:

Contact Stacey Legg, Mentor Initiative Specialist

Elevate Bay Mentor Application 
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