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Welcome to MIS or Management Information Systems.


The MIS department works to provide teachers and staff with the resources needed to complete daily work tasks and enhance student learning. We provide hardware and software to classrooms, repairing and maintaining equipment as needed. Our MIS department has made great advances in our school system with programs such as FOCUS. The district provides teachers and staff with computers, Google email accounts, and other computer programs to ensure that our students will thrive.


We have four core values: Great People, Excellent Customer Service, Solutions that Matter, and Stable Systems. Our end goal is to serve students. To do this, our systems and applications must remain secure and functional at all times.




If you are unable to access the help desk website, you may also contact the help desk by calling 767-4150 and leaving a message.

Student and Staff State Reporting Surveys

The Management Information Services Department provides the Florida Department of Education with student and staff information throughout the school year. Below is an outline of the Student and Staff FLDOE surveys:

Survey 1 - July (Summer School Reporting including DJJ FTE reporting)

Survey 6 - August/September (First of the Year Initial Student Counts)

Survey M - August (Staff Reporting) 

Survey 2 - October (FTE Survey / First half of the year Student and Staff Reporting)

Survey 9 - November/December (Neglected / Delinquent and Title I SES Reporting)

Survey N - January (Staff Reporting)

Survey 3 - February (FTE Survey / Second half of the year Student and Staff Reporting)

Survey 4 - June (Summer School Reporting including DJJ FTE reporting)

Survey 5 - July/August (A Summary of All Student and Staff Data from the Prior School Year)

Survey J - January (Family Empowerment Scholarship)

Survey K - March (Family Empowerment Scholarship)

Survey R - Monthly (SESIR and Discipline Reporting)

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