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Bay District Schools Pre-Kindergarten Program

The purpose of the Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) program is to prepare young children to start kindergarten ready to learn. Pre-K classes offer a high quality, standards-driven, school readiness curriculum with qualified staff. Learning experiences are embedded in all parts of the curriculum, including unplanned experiences or teachable moments that occur in a classroom each day.  Our mission is to ensure that all children are intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically ready to enter school and ready to learn, fully recognizing the crucial role of parents as their child’s first teacher.


Pre-K Philosophy

Bay District Schools VPK & ESE Pre-Kindergarten classes are safe, respectful, responsive and positive places.  Our program supports children actively engaging with their world to establish healthy relationships with others, solving interesting problems and figuring out who they are and how they connect to their families and communities.  Families feel connected to Bay District Schools knowing that their children are cared for and nurtured.  Our classrooms are a place where children and families will learn and have their voices heard. 


Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)

The State of Florida offers free Voluntary Pre- Kindergarten (VPK) for all children that have reached the age of 4 on or before September 1st. VPK is offered during the school year for a total of 540 hours and the summer for 300 hours. During the school year, children attend 3hrs. 15 min. free with an extended Enrichment program option available for a small weekly fee. Classes are limited to 20 children and maintain a 2 adult to 20 students ratio.

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Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Pre-Kindergarten

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Pre-K is instruction specifically designed to meet the educational and developmental needs of children with disabilities or those who are experiencing developmental delays. Services for preschool children (ages 3 through 5) are provided free of charge through our public schools. Screenings and comprehensive evaluations are available through our Pre-K Evaluation Team. 



There are 15 public school campuses that maintain Pre-K programs. These are: A. Gary Walsingham Academy, Callaway, Cedar Grove, Cherry Street, Deer Point, Hiland Park, Lucille Moore, Lynn Haven, Northside, Parker, Southport, Tommy Smith, Tyndall Academy, Waller, and Deane Bozeman School.


Advantages of our Pre-K Programs

=         A high quality, developmentally appropriate curriculum

=         Health screening and services

=         School breakfast and lunch program

=         Easy transition from Pre-K to Kindergarten

=         Parent involvement at the school level

=         Continuum of Exceptional Student Education

=         Qualified and well-trained staff

=         Explicit individual instruction

=         Promotes Social and Emotional Development

=         Adheres to Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards Four Years Old to Kindergarten

For More Information, please contact the Pre-K Department at 850-767-4201. 
1311 Balboa Avenue
Panama City, FL 32401
(850) 767-4100
Mark McQueen
Superintendent, Bay District Schools
Office of the Superintendent
Holly Buchanan
Employment and Income Verification Equity Coordinator
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