School Health Advisory Council

“An advisory group composed primarily of school, health, and community representatives who act collectively to advise the school district on aspects of child health as defined by the Coordinated School Health (CSH) Model.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

BDS SHAC meets quarterly and operates under the following Florida Statutes and guidance for SHAC.

Statutory Authority for SHACs:

• Florida Statute 381.0056 References 

– Responsibility for developing a school health services plan 

– School health services plan content 

– Advisory Committee involvement in policies 

– Advisory Committee membership 

• 64F-6.002 Florida Administrative Code (FAC)

– Clarification of additional plan content

s. 381.0056 F.S., Section (5a)

Each county health department shall develop, jointly with the district school board and the local school health advisory committee, a school health services plan; and the plan shall include, at a minimum, provisions for:

1. Health appraisal.

2. Records review.

3. Nurse assessment.

4. Nutrition assessment

5. A preventive dental program.

6. Vision screening.

7. Hearing screening.

8. Scoliosis screening.

9. Growth and developmental screening.

10. Health counseling.

11. Referral and follow up.

12. Meeting emergency health needs.

13. Health education.

14. Referral.

15. Consultation with parent or guardian.

16. Records.

17. Services/information for ESE placement.

18. Private school involvement.



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